A Trip To Round Top

I wasn’t born in Texas. In fact, even though I’ve been here since 2003, I still don’t consider myself a “Texan”. I don’t talk with a southern accent — and I try not to say “y’all”, even though at this point, that’s not exactly an easy feat — our house is decorated with pictures of cable cars and golden poppies, orange and black and October just go together — and not because of Halloween {Go Giants!}, and California will always be my home. BUT, Springtime in Texas has a tendency to heal even the most homesick hearts. There is something about fields of brightly blooming flowers, an abundance of newborn calves frolicking in pastures, and soft rays of sunshine {that have yet to turn the state into oppressive sweat box} that seem to signal that everything will be okay.

Having never been to Texas Antiques Week, I made the suggestion we head up to Round Top, and within minutes we were loaded in the car and on our way.


The traffic going into Round Top on 237 is kind of ridiculous. We were hungry. We were anxious to get out of the car. And then, there was this girl. She was trying her best not to laugh or smile. She finally cracked.


Out the window.


We stopped for a few minutes at Junk Gypsy — long enough to stretch our legs and look around.


Checking over her shoulder before switching lanes.


Warrenton, TX — miles and miles of open pastures filled everything you’ve ever dreamed of — and then more still.roundtop-6

And then there was this. So we had to stop.

roundtop-7 roundtop-8

This idyllic landscape brings about more peace of mind than you could ever imagine. I could have just sat here for hours. Staring at cows.


And this was pretty sweet, too. Their love is a pure one. And it’s perfect.



Don’t worry, that wire wasn’t live. Tate tested it – ha!



I’ve spent a lot of time on the road by myself {the drive from the Bay Area to Houston is a long one}, and there’s still times where ‘Wide Open Spaces’ will play on repeat in my head, and I’ll want to grab my keys and just go, but, it sure is nice to have these two to share the open road with.



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