Yarn Tassel Banner

Hey there! If you saw my weekend re-cap, I showed the yarn tassel banner that I made for my sister’s birthday — it’s fairly quick and easy craft — great for holiday celebrations, birthdays, or even decorating a nursery/playroom! Today, I’ll show how to make your own. I’ve been doing the tissue tassels for a few years now, but, I love the idea of using yarn, mostly because it can be used over and over again without a whole lot of wear and tear, unlike the its tissue counterpart that tears easily and starts looking a little bedraggled quite quickly.


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I know, the chalkboard trend is kind of passé, but, there is something about chalkboards that I just can’t get over {maybe it’s because I’m a teacher…I dunno, ha!}. I’ve got SO many friends having babies these days, that I wanted to be able to give them something small and personalized to commemorate their little’s day of birth — something that could be hung on their hospital room door, serve as decor in their nurseries, or even possibly be used as a prop in newborn pictures. Something simple, sweet, and from the heart.


While I am still sweet on the idea of chalkboards, I can’t lie…I am NOT a fan of the printable chalkboards — they just look kind of silly to me…sorry if you like that kinda thing, it’s just personal preference.

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