NEW BLOG! At the end of February, I attended the Thrive Blog Conference…my main goal with going to the conference was to either completely abandon my personal blogging efforts, or, get motivated and give it one last shot. I decided that my old blog New Mom Problems {which evolved from a previous dead end, ha!}, kind of pigeon-holed me into being a “Mommy Blogger” — which, duh, I write for Houston Moms Blog, so, yes, I suppose I am, BUT, I felt like with such a narrow focus, I was really losing a bit of my identity, and had become altogether unmotivated. So, here we are! I designed this blog to be somewhat minimalist so that as I build my content, there are no distractions, no conflicts of interest — just a blank slate to say what I want to say…it’s pretty refreshing, honestly. So, click around {obviously this is my FIRST post on here, so, I’ve got a ways to go!}, and I do hope you’ll stay for a while! All social media links are in the sidebar, so, connect with me!


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