For me, there was never a question as to whether or not I would breastfcarebeareed. During my pregnancy, I immersed myself in information about the benefits of breastfeeding. My husband and I have both struggled with our weight at various points in our lives, so, we both felt equally passionate about giving our daughter the best possible nutritional start to her life… CONTINUE READING



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CARRYING THE WEIGHT :: As a mother, I am the number one amycaroline2-1024x758influence on my daughter’s body image. Not the un-read fashion magazines spilling out of the basket next to our couch. Not the scantily clad models plastered on the windows of the Victoria’s Secret store we pass in the mall. Not any of that. Me. I have the ability to shape the way that my daughter will see herself, and her body, for her entire lifetime by the way that I guide her today… CONTINUE READING


SURVIVING AS A WORKING MOM :: Let me preface this by first working momsaying, there was a time when I would have been the absolute WORST person to be writing something like this. Truly. Being a full-time working mother is one of the biggest challenges I could have ever imagined, and I surely never gave my mom enough credit for the sacrifice and hard work that she put in to make sure that my sister and I were well cared for… CONTINUE READING



 WHERE WERE YOU :: I sat alone, in my grandparents’ family neverforgetroom, watching the smoldering North Tower against the New York City skyline when suddenly, and shockingly, WTC 2 was hit. In that moment, there was no longer a question of whether this was a fluke accident, or a terrible mistake. This was an act of terror. Our country, the ever beautiful home of the brave, and land of the free was under attack… CONTINUE READING



WHEN THE WAIT AND SEE APPROACH ISN’T GOOD ENOUGH :: waitandseeTrust your instincts, if you think that something is wrong, it very well may be. Keep yourself educated…I know so many tell you NOT to google things, but use it as a tool to not frighten yourself, or to induce hypochondria, but to stay informed! Don’t be afraid to keep at it – you see your child every day…you know his/her tendencies/abilities/behaviors, and their doctor is not privy to that information unless you tell them. So if something is amiss, speak up… CONTINUE READING