I know, the chalkboard trend is kind of passé, but, there is something about chalkboards that I just can’t get over {maybe it’s because I’m a teacher…I dunno, ha!}. I’ve got SO many friends having babies these days, that I wanted to be able to give them something small and personalized to commemorate their little’s day of birth — something that could be hung on their hospital room door, serve as decor in their nurseries, or even possibly be used as a prop in newborn pictures. Something simple, sweet, and from the heart.


While I am still sweet on the idea of chalkboards, I can’t lie…I am NOT a fan of the printable chalkboards — they just look kind of silly to me…sorry if you like that kinda thing, it’s just personal preference. So, knowing that I wasn’t going to go the printable route left me with one decision — chalk markers, or paint. I really wanted to use a range of colors, and the ability to mix colors, so, that kind of ruled out chalk markers right off the bat. I ended up combining both paint pen, and acrylic paint to achieve the tiny details, and variety of colors.


I LOVE floral schemes, and I think that they’re perfect for baby girls — not too babyish, but still soft and sweet — so, it was easy to decide how I was going to decorate each of the boards. I love that both boards are very similar in pattern and design, but, that the colors make the boards look very different.

2 boards

I made Rachel’s board first, and had plans of completing the floral circle when I first sketched everything out, but, as I was working, I decided that it would make my working space too small, so, I left it unfinished. In hindsight, I wish I had made her name larger. My favorite thing about Rachel’s board is the color! It was so fun selecting different shades and mixing the colors. Rachel has a fairly gender-neutral nursery base as her parents didn’t find out her sex until she was born, so, I wanted to incorporate shades of green and yellow, in addition to the feminine pink, purple, peach.


I love that the color palette of Evelyn’s board made chalk art look sophisticated — the gold, navy, and shades of pink were really fun to use, and they are an exact match for her nursery design. I was also really pleased with my decision to make her name larger — I loved how it stood out against all of the details.


Overall, I was really happy with both boards, and I am itching to make more — so friends, keep having babies! Ha! — and I need to figure out some additional designs, as well as some patterns for boys, too! Loved being able to give my friends a unique gift for the arrival of their sweet girls.

*I used slate chalkboards from Hobby Lobby — their price point was a little higher than their standard craft chalkboards, but, I loved the imperfections of the slate and the unfinished wood frames. The difference in quality between the craft chalkboards and the actual slate is immense, and I think that it’s really evident, especially in person.


  1. Brynn March 23, 2015

    You should totally sell these on etsy or something… For the artistically challenged, like myself 🙂
    I love this idea as a gift for new babies!!

    • amy.rstewart@yahoo.com March 24, 2015

      Aw, thanks! I’ve thought about it, but, I kind of just like doing them for fun — and not getting paid (crazy, right?!). I just feel like the second I start doing it for profit, I’ll start resenting it! It’s something I’m definitely considering, though 🙂 xoxo


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