A Trip To Round Top

I wasn’t born in Texas. In fact, even though I’ve been here since 2003, I still don’t consider myself a “Texan”. I don’t talk with a southern accent — and I try not to say “y’all”, even though at this point, that’s not exactly an easy feat — our house is decorated with pictures of cable cars and golden poppies, orange and black and October just go together — and not because of Halloween {Go Giants!}, and California will always be my home. BUT, Springtime in Texas has a tendency to heal even the most homesick hearts. There is something about fields of brightly blooming flowers, an abundance of newborn calves frolicking in pastures, and soft rays of sunshine {that have yet to turn the state into oppressive sweat box} that seem to signal that everything will be okay.

Having never been to Texas Antiques Week, I made the suggestion we head up to Round Top, and within minutes we were loaded in the car and on our way.


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