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Hey there! If you saw my weekend re-cap, I showed the yarn tassel banner that I made for my sister’s birthday — it’s fairly quick and easy craft — great for holiday celebrations, birthdays, or even decorating a nursery/playroom! Today, I’ll show how to make your own. I’ve been doing the tissue tassels for a few years now, but, I love the idea of using yarn, mostly because it can be used over and over again without a whole lot of wear and tear, unlike the its tissue counterpart that tears easily and starts looking a little bedraggled quite quickly.


ONE. You’ll only need a few items for this craft:

  • Yarn
  • A form for wrapping your yarn
  • Scissors
  • String for banner (I just used plain old craft string)
  • Chipboard Pennants *Optional if you want to include a greeting



Wrap your yarn around your form approximately 20-25 times, obviously the more times you wrap it, the fuller the tassel will be. *Make sure that the end of your yarn is hanging down, instead of at the top of your board, so that when you are finished, all strings go in the same direction. Also, make sure you leave slack as you are wrapping your string around your form. If it is tightly wrapped, it will change the length of your tassel. It is easiest to ensure that you are not wrapping too tightly by giving yourself some extra length from your yarn spool {is that what it’s called?!}.



Once you are finished wrapping your yarn, cut so that all strings are at the bottom of your form, and cut another piece of yarn {approx. 6″}, and slip it under your wound yarn at the top of your form. Tie it tightly with a few simple knots {about 3 or 4}, and then trim the tails almost down to your knot.



Slip your scissors under your wound yarn at the bottom of your form, and make a clean cut through your yarn.



You’ll now have the beginning of your tassel — a bunch of yarn with a knot right in the middle. Now, fold your yarn inside-out so that the knot is underneath {it now looks a little like  Cousin It, ha!}



Place a piece of yarn {6″ or so}, about an inch down from the top of your tassel, and tie 2-3 simple knots. Trim the tails off of the yarn so that they are barely visible, and ta-da you’ve got your tassel!SIX


Now, make as many as you’d like, and string them together to make a banner.


If you’d like to add a greeting, Hobby Lobby carries several different styles of chipboard pennants for you to customize. The original banner was for my sister’s birthday, but, it’s simple to change the chipboard pieces out and re-string the tassels for any occasion.



  1. Courtney April 5, 2015

    Love this Amy!

    • amy.rstewart@yahoo.com April 8, 2015

      Thank you so much! xo

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